Takk for meg!

Dear Students,

As you know, Ms. Gjertsen will be your teacher beginning Oct. 25. I will begin my maternity leave on Nov. 1; until then, I’ll be around ISS, working on EEs and IAs and things like that.

If you need to contact Ms. Gjertsen or have questions about class, please write to:  agjertsen@isstavanger.no

If you need to contact me after Oct. 29, please use:  sohasa@gmail.com  I’ll do my best to get back to you — but the timeliness all depends on the baby =)  Check back here around the end of November for a birth announcement & photo.

It has been my pleasure to be your teacher.  I know you are in good hands with Ms. Gjertsen & will continue to shine.

Sonja Saar


This Week (starting Oct 18, 2010)

Welcome back from Høstferie!  I hope you had a pleasant, relaxing week & did nice things with friends & family.

This is my last week in the classroom.  Starting next week, Ms. Gjertsen will take over as your teacher.  I’ll be in the building working on various things until Oct 29 & then begin my maternity leave.  Baby should arrive before the end of November!


  • Most importantly: FINAL IA is due on Thursday, Oct 21 by 15:15. Hard copy only.  No excuses.
  • SL:  you have time off now until mid-November.  Check with Ms. Gjertsen for the date you need to be back in class.  You can email her at:  agjertsen@isstavanger.no
  • HL:  we’ll go back to Health Psych this week, reviewing and finishing up tobacco use and addiction.  Next up:  obesity and health promotion.  Find your stuff from last spring & bring it to class.

Comp Govt: we’ll continue studying the origins of the Cold War, focusing on the question:  Who was to blame for the Cold War?  Wondering about what exactly communism is?  Monday’s class will include a good overview of political and economic systems.  Notes are due on Friday (see Edline).

TOK 1: Perception as a Way of Knowing:  How do our senses both help and fail us in our quest for knowledge?  No homework due this week.  You’ll have a journal assignment due next week (see Edline).

TOK 2: The Natural Sciences as an Area of Knowledge.  No homework due this week.  You’ll have an assignment due next week (see Edline).

Thought of the Week:

I’ve very much enjoyed being your teacher.  Thank you for the opportunity.  If you’d like to stay in touch or need to ask me a question sometime, drop an email to:  sohasa@gmail.com

–Sonja Saar, October 2010


This Week (starting Oct 11, 2010)

Happy Høstferie!

Since I believe vacation should be a vacation, you have no homework.  Rest up and do nice things this week!

EXCEPTION: if you were away on a trip last week or otherwise have certain IA components that haven’t been turned in yet — you have work to do.  By the time you go to bed on Wednesday, please email me your results and discussion sections.  Email:  ssaar@isstavanger.no  AND  sohasa@gmail.com (just to be certain that I get it).  Anything that is in my inbox on Thursday morning will get read, commented on & receive points in the gradebook for 1st quarter.  After that?  You’ll have to see if I have time to do it next week . . .

Remember:  Final IA (hard copy only, please) due by 15:15 on Thursday, Oct 21.  No excuses.

How closely do you pay attention?

This Week (starting October 4, 2010)

Psych: last in-class days to work on your IA.  All sections should be emailed to me so I can give you feedback.  Remember:  FINAL IA is due Thurs, Oct 21.  No late slips.  No excuses.

Comp Govt: On Monday, your final essay about the Hitler Trial is due.  We’re studying the origins of the Cold War with a particular focus on the Yalta and Potsdam conferences.  Notes due Wed (see Edline).

TOK 1: We’ll begin Perception this week — how do our senses affect our knowledge and knowing?  Journal entry due Tuesday.  See Edline.

TOK 2: The Natural Sciences as an Area of Knowing.  What are the knowledge issues related to the scientific method?  Ethics & Knowledge Issues assignment due Thursday.

Thought of the Week

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.

Henry David Thoreau

This Week . . . (starting Sept 27)

Psych: Continue your work on your IA.  All data should be collected and organized by now.  Results section is due on Wed, Sept 29 (for the M-W class) or Tues, Oct 5 (for T-Th class).  Discussion section is due next week.  If you’re going away on a trip, you must email these according to the instructions on the schedule which I handed out.  You can download a copy of it from dropbox.com.

TOK 1: We’ll continue with “The Truman Show” and discuss Truman as a Knower.  Nothing due this week.  You will have a Journal entry due Tues, Oct 5.  Trip-goers should email it before they leave.

TOK 2: No class this week due to Staff In-Service days on Thurs and Fri.  You have an assignment due next week — see the HW calendar to download a new copy.  Trip-goers should turn it in before they leave.

Comp Govt: We’ll finish the Hitler Trial and debriefing on Monday.  Origins of the Cold War is up next!  A quiz and reaction essay to the Hitler Trial will be due next week.


To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.

Sister Mary Lauretta

This week (starting Sept. 20, 2010)

Psych: You should have your Method section done and emailed to me.  Conduct your experiment & begin to organize the data.  Go back & revise your Intro, References & Method sections, according to the comments I’ve given you.

Comp Gov’t: On Mon & Wed, we’ll prep for the Hitler trial.  Be prepared to conduct the trial in class on Friday.

TOK 1: We’ll continue our examination of The Knower by watching The Truman Showand discussing to what extent Truman is a “knower”.  Nothing due this week.

TOK 2: Continuing our examination of ethics & the “theories of ethics” started last week, we’ll also consider knowledge issues we can draw from this Area of Knowledge.  Nothing due this week.

Thought for the Week:

It’s important that people know what you stand for.

It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for.

–Mary Waldrop