You may wish to read more about and actually take the online Implicit Association Test.  If so, check out this link to  You can also read a bit about it on pages 128-9 in your textbook.

Comments are welcome!  Please post — here are some questions to help you get thinking:

  • Do you think your IAT is accurate?  Why or why not?
  • What do you think about the method of the research?
  • What other areas besides race and gender would be interesting to examine through an IAT?


Other Interesting Links:

How “The Hidden Brain” Does the Thinking For Us: radio story about unconscious thought, including kids with prejudice

“A Class Divided”:  documentary about Jane Elliot’s classic experiment where she separated her class into Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes

“How Racist Are You?“:  documentary video with Jane Elliott taking her techniques to the UK.