If you’re seriously considering writing your EE in psychology, you’ll want to read the psychology-specific pages in the EE guide.  I’ll be happy to print them out for you, if you just ask me.  You can also download them for yourself on dropbox.com.

Like psychology but aren’t quite sure what topic you should choose for your EE?  Here are some places to go for ideas:

  • Read the psychology-specific pages of the EE guide.  You can download it from dropbox.com.
  • Read the “Options” pages of your IB Psychology Guide.  We will study Health Psychology and Abnormal Psychology, so you’re limited with these “Options” — if you have an idea, talk to me so I can get you pointed in the right direction.  But the “Options” of Human Relationships, Sports Psychology and Developmental Psychology are wide open to you.
  • Read or skim through the pages in the book that correspond to the options named above.
  • Read this list of possible EE questions. It might inspire you!

Possible sources of research:

BPS Research Digest Blog

PLoS One: peer reviewed scientific & medical research

Brain Briefings: Society for Neuroscience

PubMed: from the US National Library of Medicine

Google Scholar

Other helpful links:

Introduction: checklist and example.  This comes from Mr. Crane’s website; he’s the IB Psych teacher at the International School of Prague as well as the co-author of your textbook.

Some psych students talk about their EEs:

To make you smile: