Welcome back from Høstferie!  I hope you had a pleasant, relaxing week & did nice things with friends & family.

This is my last week in the classroom.  Starting next week, Ms. Gjertsen will take over as your teacher.  I’ll be in the building working on various things until Oct 29 & then begin my maternity leave.  Baby should arrive before the end of November!


  • Most importantly: FINAL IA is due on Thursday, Oct 21 by 15:15. Hard copy only.  No excuses.
  • SL:  you have time off now until mid-November.  Check with Ms. Gjertsen for the date you need to be back in class.  You can email her at:  agjertsen@isstavanger.no
  • HL:  we’ll go back to Health Psych this week, reviewing and finishing up tobacco use and addiction.  Next up:  obesity and health promotion.  Find your stuff from last spring & bring it to class.

Comp Govt: we’ll continue studying the origins of the Cold War, focusing on the question:  Who was to blame for the Cold War?  Wondering about what exactly communism is?  Monday’s class will include a good overview of political and economic systems.  Notes are due on Friday (see Edline).

TOK 1: Perception as a Way of Knowing:  How do our senses both help and fail us in our quest for knowledge?  No homework due this week.  You’ll have a journal assignment due next week (see Edline).

TOK 2: The Natural Sciences as an Area of Knowledge.  No homework due this week.  You’ll have an assignment due next week (see Edline).

Thought of the Week:

I’ve very much enjoyed being your teacher.  Thank you for the opportunity.  If you’d like to stay in touch or need to ask me a question sometime, drop an email to:  sohasa@gmail.com

–Sonja Saar, October 2010