Happy Høstferie!

Since I believe vacation should be a vacation, you have no homework.  Rest up and do nice things this week!

EXCEPTION: if you were away on a trip last week or otherwise have certain IA components that haven’t been turned in yet — you have work to do.  By the time you go to bed on Wednesday, please email me your results and discussion sections.  Email:  ssaar@isstavanger.no  AND  sohasa@gmail.com (just to be certain that I get it).  Anything that is in my inbox on Thursday morning will get read, commented on & receive points in the gradebook for 1st quarter.  After that?  You’ll have to see if I have time to do it next week . . .

Remember:  Final IA (hard copy only, please) due by 15:15 on Thursday, Oct 21.  No excuses.