Homework: until the official homework calendar is up and running, I will post homework assignments here.  The date listed is the due date.  You may always email an assignment to me; please check with me to be sure I’ve received it.

Wed Sept 8: Holocaust timeline

Wed Sept 1: WW2 notes on green sheet

Wed Aug 25: “How did (Hitler or Appeasement) lead to World War 2?”  Turn in a one-page answer to this question.  Use good factual information and make the connection between the facts and World War 2.

Mon Aug 23: Be ready to present your topic (groups will have 10 minutes to go over things at the beginning of class)

Fri Aug 20: “Ten Things” assignment is due  (tell me ten things about yourself);  come to class with all the pages read for your topic; bring anything you’ve printed out for your poster

More course information and resources will be posted on this site as needed.