General WW2 Videos

Memories from World War 2 Evacuees: You Tube video

WW2:  The Lost Color Archives: You Tube video

General WW2

World War 2: from BBC, comprehensive information


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

“One Survivor Remembers”: interview with Gerda Weissman Klein

“Memory of the Camps”:  watch this documentary online

“The Man Who Sneaked Into Auschwitz”:  npr story you can listen to or read


Nuremberg:  Nazis on Trial:  from the BBC, info about the trial, Goering, Speer & Hess

Nuremberg: first of a 5 part series (partly watched in class)

Information about the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds:  link to today’s museum


“The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust”:  an interesting (& a bit long) article/ speech exploring the root behaviors of children in Germany & Austria in the early 1900s.

“The Political Consequences of Child Abuse”:  also interesting (& long), Alice Miller puts forth some ideas & analysis about Hitler’s childhood